Pratt & Co. Sports Photography is a Photography company specializing in youth sport photography. We create picture programs of players involved with sports leagues, clubs, and camps. We also provide action and event imaging programs. Pratt & Co. offers the highest quality products, which include trading cards, magazine covers, plaques, memory mates, buttons, magnets, print’s with folding mounts, posters and more. We have a longstanding experience with all the major sports - baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, hockey, soccer and volleyball. We also have products for swimming, wrestling, golf, Olympic events, lacrosse, band, dancing, figure skating, martial arts, scouting and more.


Pratt & Co. captures the great moments in your athlete's life. We are always a win/win situation. Backed with our service and product guarantee, our goal is to help players and their families, coaches and directors have a hassle free photography event. From scheduling and communicating with coaches to our Mail-to-Home Delivery Program option, our goal is to become your one and only service provider for your picture day and fund raising event.


Below is a list of what is included with each of our sports photography programs that is used as a fundraiser for your league. This list is used as a starting point and can be catered to fit your league’s needs.


1. A percentage of all sales go back to your league (this amount may be negotiated).

2. Customized Products: We are able to customize products with logos, special slogans, or graphics that are unique to your organization.

3. Free 5x7 individual prints are given to each coach and staff member.

4. 1 sponsor plaque is included for each team. (Coach plaques also available.)

5. Customized commission report for all sales.

6. On line picture viewing and additional product availability.

7. Every image is backed by our 100% guarantee.

8. 100% customer service. We DO NOT want the league trying to handle any dissatisfied customers.


We can provide order forms and supporting paperwork well ahead of time (if needed).

We provide enough staff and equipment for your event according to the needs of the players and teams being photographed. We work closely with your organization to create the best scenario for your picture day.